Stephen Vincent  Giles

Stephen Vincent Giles


Mar 11, 2023 - 8:00 PM


8:00 PM


Crackers Comedy Club

After earning his Philosophy degree from St. Joseph's College, where he acted as Fine Arts Chair on the Student Union Board, president of the Columbian players, and host of two radio shows, Stephen Vincent Giles set foot in the real world at last. Ever since, he's put his academic acumen and talent to use by scraping the rancid, glue-like remnants of scrambled eggs off of plates; nearly collapsing in the summer heat mowing grass; and destroying the arches of his feet in his relentless patrols as a night watchman.

Mr. Giles has done it all: he's been both fired and laid off, as well as developed addictions to nicotine and caffeine. As he copes with depression and life's disappointments, Stephen's able to transform the mundane into misery - and spin his misery into hilarity. Every silver lining has its cloud, and Stephen Vincent Giles finds the eye-opening, gut-busting shapes in those clouds. He knows you're laughing at him, not with him, but it's okay. He doesn't mind.