Crackers Comedy Mission Statement

Crackers Comedy Club is here to provide laughter and joy to Indianapolis and the surrounding areas at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to be inclusive of every guest, while also being inclusive to all comedians and aspiring comedians. Our Open Mics are designed for fostering talent and providing a safe and encouraging environment to hone the comedians skills. Laughter is the best medicine and we want to be a part of your mental health.

Thank you valued guest for your continued support in keeping comedy alive in Indianapolis and keeping our doors open for over 42 years. Come back and laugh again with us soon!

We have noticed the most frequently asked question is concerning tickets for tables. When you purchase a table, you purchase in the amount of 2, 4 or 6 people. All of those tickets are included with the table that you purchase. For example, if you purchase a table for two, two tickets are included. We currently do not have the option to purchase for one person online.

Upcoming Events

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Open Mic Night!

Aug 05, 2021 - Aug 26, 2021

Paul Hooper

Aug 06, 2021 - Aug 07, 2021

Ryan Beck

Aug 13, 2021 - Aug 14, 2021

Dwight Simmons

Aug 20, 2021 - Aug 21, 2021

John Evans

Aug 27, 2021 - Aug 28, 2021

Lisa Alvarado

Sep 03, 2021 - Sep 04, 2021

Greg Morton

Sep 10, 2021 - Sep 11, 2021

Patti Vasquez

Sep 17, 2021 - Sep 18, 2021

Vince Morris

Sep 24, 2021 - Sep 25, 2021