Fundraising has never been easier than it is here at Crackers! We hold hundreds of fundraisers every year for charities, schools, sports teams and numerous philanthropic organizations. 

Why use the same old boring fundraising schemes, when we can put the “FUN” back in FUNdraising?

AIt’s super easy! We supply the venue, a great comedy show and an awesome time. You sell the tickets and everyone has a great night out while at the same time you are raising money for your group! Just look below for the answers to your fundraising questions.

1.) You pay us an initial fee of $100.00, which covers our basic expenses.
2.) You tell us how much you would like to charge for the tickets (Most organizations charge $15 - $20).
3.) We work together to find a show date that is convenient for everyone and gives you plenty of time to sell your tickets.
4.) We then provide you with 50 tickets to start you off (Additional sets of 50 tickets may be purchased for a cost of $250.00 a set as needed.) which you sell, and your organization keeps 100% of the proceeds from the ticket sales!!

There is no catch. Although we are giving up our initial cover charge, we still make money on any food or beverages purchased during the show. There is a 2 beverage minimum at all shows. Everyone attending must be 17 or over. Hopefully everyone who attends will have such a great time that it will create lots of new future customers for us and a memorable evening of fun and laughter for your group!



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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates make the perfect Stocking Stuffer this Holiday Season. Crackers offers Gift Certificates in denominations of $10-$50, $75, $100.

All Gift Certificates ordered online are subject to shipping charge. Crackers ships all Gift Certificates USPS Priority Mail, or you can save the shipping charge and stop by the box office to place your order.

TO SAVE A SHIPPING CHARGE, PLEASE CALL THE BOX OFFICE AT 317-631-3536 TO PURCHASE THE GIFT OF LAUGHTER and we will hold for you at the club for pickup.