Pat Godwin

Pat Godwin


May 20, 2023 - 8:00 PM


8:00 PM


Crackers Comedy Club

[Editor’s note: Pat Godwin is the editor of this bio and he also wrote the darned thing. So, if it comes off like someone’s had their nose in a thesaurus and LOVES everything Pat does, I’m/he’s just trying to put some arses in the seats and sell some albums. Let’s face it: it’s a fluff piece. A shiny work of hubris and hyperbole, written in the 3rd person by a self-absorbed man-child with attention issues. Did he do all these things? Yes. Is he that good? Yes… I am, I mean, he is, that is–if Pat’s your cup of tea. And why wouldn’t he be? His tea’s a fulfilling, spicy peppermint to most, maybe a bitter Darjeeling to some, but NEVER a Sleepytime, so sit back and e...