Crackers Comedy Club is opening!

We are so excited to continue our 40-year tradition of bringing laughter to others!

Dear guest, thank you for reading and agreeing to follow our guidelines for opening. We love and appreciate each and every one of our customers and our family of staff and comedians. With so many moving parts to COVID, these guidelines are how we have decided to keep us safe. God Bless America and all of Her citizens. 

-Ruth-Anne Herber, Owner

The following are steps we are enforcing to keep us all safe:

  • Upon arrival, an employee will be at the entrance greeting customers checking for masks as well as distributing a squirt of hand sanitizer to each guests’ hands
  • All staff will be required to wear masks at all times
  • All customers are required and expected to wear a mask upon entering, exiting and anytime you leave your seat from the showroom
  • We have removed over 50% of our tables and chairs to follow CDC guidelines of social distancing
  • Guests will be asked to keep a minimum of 6’ between groups while waiting in line to enter the showroom and for the bathrooms. Six-foot social distancing markers will be displayed throughout common areas
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the venue 
  • All guests will be seated by our hosts at tables no larger than four
  • No guests will be allowed to sit with other customers that are not from the same group
  • Guests are not required to wear masks at their table. Guests are however required to wear their masks when going to the bathroom or moving around the showroom in any way shape or form
  • All surfaces including (but not limited to) tables, chairs, menus, doorknobs, faucets, bathrooms and more have been sanitized and will continue to be disinfected throughout the evening
  • We are changing our furnace filters bi-weekly
  • Staff members who have been sick may have been exposed to positive COVID-19 individuals, or who are not feeling well will not be permitted onsite.
  • Guests will be able to order food and beverage from their showroom server
  • All guests are expected to bring and wear their own masks while entering and exiting our building as well as going to the restrooms and moving around the showroom in common areas
  • The only time you are permitted to not wear your mask is at your own table… in other words eat, drink, laugh, be merry without a mask at your table. Show us your beautiful smile and laugh!
  • Please be patient. We are all trying to navigate and ensure safety and fun. These rules may change as we are keeping up with CDC requirements