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Crackers Comedy Downtown Presents James Ervin Berry

Crackers Downtown is happy to present comedians, James Ervin Berry and John Burton at our Downtown location from Wednesday August 14 through Saturday August 17.

James Ervin Berry‘s likable personality, “down-to-earth” attitude and fun loving nature generates big laughs! He’s a comedian who LOVES making an audience laugh…and it shows! Whether it’s Comedy Clubs, Colleges, Churches, Corporate Events or Festivals his target is always the same–Funny Bones! Foot stompin’, hand clappin’, smile on your face laughter!!

James Ervin Berry’s comedic style has been described as “observational, with an educated homespun feel.” His “boy next door” charm creates an instant connection with mainstream audiences nationwide. Check him out!

John Burton’s comedy blends real-life anecdotes and gut-busting one-liners with a rapid-fire, highly animated delivery that has been thrilling audiences throughout the U.S. for the past ten years. Initially influenced by legendary jokesmiths like Dave Attell, John’s style has recently evolved to include a more candid focus, audience interaction, and even an occasional rant. With a fast paced style that can veer from sarcastic to self-deprecating to almost absurd, it’s hard to believe John is a former attorney who specialized in tax law.

What’s the quickest way to jump from being an attorney to being a comedian? Get fired. After a year with a Big Four accounting firm, John was told that he works slowly and makes tons of mistakes. “Good thing I don’t work faster – I’d be messing up way more stuff,” he responded. In this dry retort, an attorney died and a comedian was born. Freed from “normal life, John opted for the road less traveled by moving to Chicago and immersing himself in the improvised comedy scene.

John’s act consists of mostly PG-13 material that could be heard on virtually any late night television show. A versatile performer, he has opened for squeaky clean acts such as Heywood Banks and more adult-oriented comics such as the late Robert Schimmel. Audience members often rave about how they enjoyed both his verbal timing and funny facial expressions, which John takes as testimony to the fact that he can connect with his audience on multiple levels.

Snatch up your tickets as soon as you can! This duo is going to be totally rock star. Get your tickets here.

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