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Guest Blog: Erin Foley

A special message to Indy, from Erin Foley!

When I hear myself described as a “lesbian comic”, it’s always conjures up mixed emotions. I consider myself a stand up comic, first and foremost. I also happen to be gay. It’s just part of who I am, it doesn’t define me, it isn’t the focal point of my act. That being said, people feel the need to categorize everyone and everything in our culture.

So if I’m going to be labeled “lesbian comic”, it’s a lot better than “crappy comic”, “super ugly comic” and/or “that comic who has enormous cankles.”    At the end of the day, funny is funny and that’s my goal. I performed stand up for about six years before I started talking about being gay on stage. I didn’t realize I was gay until my mid 20’s (although everyone else did) so the thought of revealing that world on stage was not an option. Stand up comedy requires a lot of experience, a lot of confidence, none of which I had in my personal life at that time. But I always knew that when I was ready to talk about it, my comedy act would become a lot stronger and funnier.  A lot of people have such a skewed perspective of gay culture. I always say to crowds, “Gay, Straight, it’s all the same crap”. My goal is to bridge the divide between straights and gays through

humor. If we can all laugh at how crazy the world is, maybe people will realize that we’re all in the same boat and we need each other to survive. Besides, lesbians are really handy in times of need!

Get up close & personal with Erin Foley, Friday & Saturday night at Crackers Comedy Club downtown.  She’s just wrapped up her performance for our special event tonight:  a fundraiser for Indy Pride.  Give us a call at 317-255-4211 to make your reservation now!

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