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What you Missed…

You’ll see our comics on Comedy Central, Jay Leno, David Letterman, and other hilarious shows.  So  you might think you know them pretty well, but unless you come see them live…you never know what you’re missing:

Take, for example, the treat our guests got the night Brad Williams decided to give lap dances at his last two shows in town.  You can compare his techniques – one of these is OUR video, the other is an audience member’s that I happened to just find by Google-ing.

You never know what or who you’ll see at Crackers, so stop in this week/weekend to see Ruben Paul in Broad Ripple, or Geoff Keith Downtown!

Ruben Paul “grew up in an all black neighborhood, went to an all Mexican high school, went to an all white church and shopped at a lot of Asian stores,” he quips.  Ruben’s upbringing was the foundation for his universal appeal.  His undeniable charisma, and spontaneity make him a crowd favorite everywhere he goes!

Geoff Keith is, in one word, dreamatastilicious. Don’t get lost in his eyes. Listen to him. He’s more than a pretty face. He’s really funny, girls. Check out some of his previous Crackers appearances here:
Geoff Keith on Rooftop Comedy dot com.

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Free Hugs!

Dear Cracker’s Comedy Fans,

This is Pete Lee, from Television.  I wanted to see if you would like to hang out with me this week at Cracker’s in Broadripple?  I really want to see you, so as an added incentive to come to my show, I have attached a “Free Hug” coupon below.  Simply print it out, present it to me after the show, and I will hug the living crap out of you.  To make sure that your free hug is of the utmost quality, I have been doing a combination of working out and eating cake.  So, each hug that I give will be both strong and soft, like you are getting squeezed by a really fit Santa.  Don’t miss out on this chance to see my hilarious show and to get a free hug from me.  It will be an absolute snuggle storm!  See you this week!

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Movin’ on up!

This week we have an awesome entertainer who has performed at Crackers before, but as a feature act.  Well, this week he has his very own headlining spot!  Jeremy joins us from Missouri, a native Midwesterner, blessed with {decent} manners, he was gracious enough to send you this video before he headed into town tonight.

Don’t worry – he made it safely.  And you might catch him tonight at Open Mic Night – which is chock full of local comic talent! <and FREE, if you click HERE!>

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Ask the Expert!

Feel like a loser?  Jack Freeman can help!  He’s opening up for Drew Hastings this week at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple!  In my book, one of the most exciting Midwestern comics Drew Hastings will be headlining this week. I look forward to his visits, especially when he brings his pal Jack Freeman, the Success Guru.

You’ll love Jack as much as I do. In this recession, if you’re feeling down on your luck, Jack can help you. Come see him Wednesday through Saturday at the Broad Ripple Crackers Comedy Club.  And before you go, comment here and on our Facebook with what YOU’D like to be the Master of Success at in your life, and maybe Jack Freeman will give you a little boost!

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Special Message from Brad Williams:

Ladies, Wednesday is YOUR night at Crackers Comedy Club, so get to Broad Ripple and see Brad Williams!  Call us now to reserve tickets:  317-255-4211!

Brad Williams is coming to Crackers!

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The >>Tim Wilson<< Challenge!

Think you’re as funny as Tim Wilson — or funnier?  This is your chance to put up your comedy dukes while helping Tim out at the same time!

Tim’s performing at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple this week, and he’d like your help creating a song just for the Indianapolis audience!  You could win 4 tickets to his show on Saturday night!  Here’s how:

Submit your “People, Places or Things” to us here at our blog, or on our Facebook, and Tim will take your suggestions and mash them all together (or throw out really bad ones) to create a song which he’ll reveal at Saturday night’s shows!  This is your chance to be a part of epic comedic history (or, rather, current events)!  So reply here, or hop over to our Facebook page and tell Tim “Who”, “What”, or “Where” he should write about!

{examples:  babies, grocery store, mudslide, karaoke, speed dating, your mom, etc.}

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