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Crackers Comedy Downtown Welcomes Ryan Singer

Crackers Comedy Club Downtown is excited to present comedian, Ryan Singer, from Thursday October 30 – Saturday November 2. It’s going to be a great show!

Ryan Singer is the rarest of breeds: A comic’s comic who electrifies mainstream audiences with material that is both uncompromising and unpretentious. He recently released his 2nd album COMEDY WONDER TOWN, which was selected by Under The Gun as a Top 10 album of 2012. LaughSpin says, “With his high-energy delivery and unpretentious leanings, there’s not a lot to dislike about comedian Ryan Singer. And it’s not just us saying it: In the last few years, he’s won over audiences headlining the nation’s finer comedy clubs and was hailed by Marc Maron in Rolling Stone as a comedian “who should be big.”brand new payday loans online

His debut album, HOW TO GET HIGH WITHOUT DRUGS, is an intense exercise in wordplay, improvisation, and storytelling recorded at Go Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati, OH. Those who enter Singer’s world will be rewarded with knowledge of the connections between dimwitted hunters and Tyra Banks, cookies and racial tension, and even gay marriage and dragons, courtesy of a comedian who expertly connects insanity and brilliance.

Ryan was recently mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine by Marc Maron as a comedian “Who Should Be Big” and both his debut album and sophomore release were selected as Top 10 Comedy CD’s of the year. He was mentioned in NY Magazine as a “Comic to Watch,” he was one of 4 finalist in CMT’s Next Big Comic Contest, is a frequent guest on the WTF Podcast w/Marc Maron, been heard on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio, has appeared on the nationally syndicated radio show Bob & Tom, and was a regional finalist in Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight. He was the winner of the Golden Shingle Award at the Rooftop Comedy Festival, an award given to the next rising star in comedy.

Check out a clip of his comedy!

Get your tickets here!

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We’ve got the Hollywood Dish…

from Christina Pazsitzky, Keeping Hollywood Classy

“Hallelujah! Two and a Half Men is Finally Cancelled.

As a Los Angeles native, I’ve grown up around the rich, the famous and the drug-addled mentally ill that make up Hollywood. My therapist believes that the majority of celebrities have a personality disorder of some kind, most likely narcissism.  And yes, those of us who perform for a living have some degree of insanity (myself included…did I mention I’m in therapy?). But what the hell is happening with Charlie Sheen? I’ve been watching him for a while now wondering how long it takes for a huge star to asshole his way out of show business.  Turns out, it takes beating up a few hookers in a hotel room (allegedly), going in and out of rehab a baker’s dozen times and trashing talking execs.  At one point, he had a sober living coach. Too bad he doesn’t have a “stop being a fucktard coach”. Finally, this guy got fired. If Sheen was Charlie the cab driver, he’d have been unemployed ages ago.

On a human level, what is going on here? It always amazes me how someone with all the money and fame in the world can be such a colossal waste of human garbage. There are people in this country struggling to pay mortgages and put food on the table and this spoiled actor can’t pull it together to say a few lines of dialogue once a week and MAKE MILLIONS doing it? It makes me angry enough to beat the shit out of Denise Richards – allegedly.  My favorite TV doctor, Drew Pinsky has some insight into all of this mess. Finally someone has the balls to come and say that a huge star is likely mentally ill. He said that Sheen is possibly Manic Depressive and “it’s getting scary guys, so hold on tight.” I love it.  That clip can be seen here:

There’s no shame in being mentally ill.  Hell, I’ve got a few family members that are certifiable. But Hollywood is terrified of admitting that a major star may be chemically imbalanced.  The whole juggernaut functions on the premise that celebrities are above us and worthy of admiration. I often think of Marilyn Monroe, the hugest icon of Hollywood.  Did you know it’s rumored that she had approximately 13 abortions? Abandoned by her mentally ill mother at the age of 2, Marilyn was raised in various orphanages and foster homes. She inherited her mother’s mental illness and eventually cultivated a nasty pill habit.  I know that’s a major boner killer, but it’s interesting to think about.  Whenever I get angry about douchebag actors ruining what seems to me to be a perfectly good life, I remember they’re likely batshit crazy. And no amount of money can help you if you refuse to stop the craziness. I wish Charlie Sheen the best and hope he welcomes the help he apparently needs. In the meantime, I will buckle up and enjoy the crazy train ride! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

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Feeling a “Love” Hangover?

Whether your Valentine’s Day celebrations are being extended, or  you’re feeling the hangover from your over-indulgence in all that love mess, you’ll want to join us this week in Broad Ripple as Craig Shoemaker headlines!

Craig is THE LOVEMASTER, and no matter how you spend your Valentine’s Day, your night with him will top the charts.  But you say you’re pockets are a little empty?  Well, no sweat:  The Lovemaster is giving away tickets to see him at Crackers Comedy Club, AND a two extra-lucky winners will receive a Hat & CD from Craig!

How do you win? Just submit your own version of The Lovemaster! Make a video of your impression of The Lovemaster, and post it to our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/Crackers Comedy.  Keep it semi-clean, and keep your clothes on, and Craig will pick the winners himself to enjoy his show Friday February 18 at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple.

Happy Lovemaster-ing!

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I’m sorry Indy but I have to vent.  I just woke up an hour before my flight to the Hoosier State lands.  After 15 years of flying to gigs, you’d think I could figure out how to be passed out the entire flight.

I’ve tried reading the magazines in the pouch in front of me but all they have is Sky Mall. I think that’s one of my goals in life:  To be wealthy enough to shop out of Sky Mall magazine.  So to kill time and land with a good attitude, I thought I would dump this shi_ on you’re plate.

I have the computer on my lap because the seat in front of me is reclined back so far my computer won’t fit on the tray table. My ass is numb from trying to find a position to sleep. And somebody in close proximity is passing gas that would make a pig’s knees buckle. I know it’s not something she ate on the plane because THEY DON’T GIVE YOU ANY DAMN FOOD!  They didn’t even give us those awesome “Biscoff” cookies.

Anyway, something strange happened. There were three people in my row when I went to sleep. I woke and there were two. Either I was snoring or she couldn’t take intermittent stank.  Unfortunately, I think I know the real reason. She had the middle seat and the person to her left was a bit of a biggins.  That brings me to this. When are the airlines gonna have a big people section?  I can deal with the kids.  I have noise canceling headphones thanks to Dr. Dre.  Now all he has to do is come up with headphones that make big people smaller. Not permanently, just for the flight.  Because we need big people in every day life. For things like…

you know what?   Lets move on to something else.

Hell I don’t even remember where I was going with all this crap. Sorry about that, I didn’t take my A.D.D. meds before I left this morning.  I guess what I wanna say is dealing with all this crap getting to Indy is worth it.  You may not know it, but I am from Wisconsin.   HOW”> ‘BOUT THOSE PACKERS!!!!! Sorry ‘bout that outburst.  I have a great appreciation for people in the Midwest in general. We’re tough! We hunt, we wear only a sweater in sub-zero temps, and we have outdoor football stadiums.  OOPS… sorry Indy.  But I don’t hold that against you. I know you’re tough. Indiana has a small private school that almost took down Duke in the NCAA tourney, you are one of the top states to represent our military per capita, and you refuse to change you’re clocks. THAT IS BAD ASS!

Well Indianians, my flight is about to land. Thanks for letting me vent. I can only pay you back by making you laugh. So come out to the show this week and I will do my part. This club has a special place in my heart. Cracker’s Downtown is the first club that I ever headlined some 12 years ago.

Hope you make it!



{Scott Henry performs this week!  Make your reservation now!}

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Who do you love…?

Shane Mauss is headlining this week in Broad Ripple! Wanna go?  Just let Shane know how much you love him!  Head over to our Facebook page and let the whole world know how much you love Shane Mauss.

The first 10 people to post “I’M deeply in love with Shane Mauss!” will win a voucher for BUY-1-GET-1-FREE tickets to the 8pm show on Friday February 11!

But before you leave our blog, Shane has more — he’d love to do an online Q&A session!  If you’ve got some personal, professional, wacky, or just off-the-wall questions for Shane, submit them here on this blog post!  He’ll answer them Friday {and of course, you get the chance to win a pair of FREE tickets!!}

How ’bout that!

In Laughter,


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How D’you Do That?!

If you’ve every wondered how the comic geniuses that grace our stage every week com up with those side-splitting jokes, then you’ll want to come to Crackers Downtown Thursday February 3rd and see Pat Godwin!  After his show Thursday night, he’ll be fielding some Q&A and giving some insight on how he comes up with his comedic songs like “Gangsta Folk” and .  So if you’re an aspiring comic yourself, or are just interested in the behind-the-scenes mind of a comedic genius, then make your reservation for Thursday night, downtown, for pat Godwin’s show!  Call 317-255-4211 and tell them you’re staying for the Pat Godwin after-show!

Plus, Thursday night is College ID night! Show us a college ID and get in for $5! So, no excuses, get off your but and come see us downtown Thursday night!

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Warm up at Crackers!

This weather has us stuck inside!  So we’re gettin’ crafty…

As you know, the infamous Etta May is performing in Broad Ripple this week!  Take this opportunity being stuck indoors today to create an Etta May -inspired outfit, take a picture, and post it to our facebook page!  Then, wear your new outfit out this week as Etta May performs Wednesday through Saturday at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple!  Remember, Wednesday night is ladies night, and Thursday night is College ID night!  Get your tickets online now!

Etta May will pick the BEST-DRESSED picture and the winner will get a pair of tix to see Etta May on Friday night!

Happy Layering!

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Remember that time…

Paul Mecurio: Life After Santa

Yes, we know that one awful, horrible Christmas/Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa has been haunting you.  It’s time to vent.  And instead of paying US for this therapy session, we’ll pay YOU – in the form of free tickets to see Paul Mecurio this week at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple!

Just tell us/show us your worst Xmas/Holiday ever!  Got a video? Great!  Snapped a pic?  Excellent!  Just want to tell us the story?  OK.  Just post here below, and make sure to include your:
1. Name
2. Phone #
3. email address
4. Story/Picture/Video of the worst Holiday you’ve had!

Paul himself will revel in laughing at you, but then he’ll pick the winner(s)!

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Welcome Hal Sparks!

We’re welcoming Hal Sparks this week to our Downtown Club, Wednesday thru Saturday!  Get to know him tonight in this Metromix interview below by Amy Bartner, then come see him tomorrow at Crackers!

The mark of any good comedian, Hal Sparks says, is one who can come up with a good joke when he’s put on the spot.

Good thing, because we think the mark of any good interviewer is to put people on the spot. So we did.

“It’s more of a prank than a joke,” said the 41-year-old who was raised in the Midwest. “Since the holidays are over, this one’s a good one. I recommend it for next year if you do it. Wrap a box and don’t label it and just watch and see who’ll stare at it. There’s always one relative who’ll just continue to look at it.”

Trick is, he said, to wait until the holidays are over — and then carefully unwrap the gift and fill it with something they’ve already received. Wrap it again, and give it to the staring relative. Sparks’ uncle will get a second book about curing hams this year.

“Who the hell would buy two of those?”

Having a quick wit isn’t all there is to comedy, said the former “Queer As Folk” and VH1 pop-culture list show star. We got a chance to talk to Sparks before he comes to Crackers Downtown Jan. 12-15. The comedian, who moonlights as a rock star, actor and talking head, had a lot to say (and ended his sentences with the phrase “as it were” no fewer than a dozen times).

You grew up in the Cincinnati area before moving to Chicago. Did you ever visit Indy as a kid?
This is my first time exploring Indy as an adult, so I don’t know if I still want to go play Airsoft or something. I’ll spend most of my time finding the healthiest place to eat, the most unique place to go and developing a habit that by the time I’ve left a city, it feels like I’ve been there a month.

I don’t drink, so I don’t end up going to bars, and a lot of times I have to protect my voice. After my show, I’ve had it. I pretty much go home. The visiting is nice, but the people who pay on Saturday deserve as good of a show on Thursday.

You don’t drink?
I’ve never had an alcoholic drink in my life, and part of the reason was that I saw it as a road to nowhere from contemporaries. Almost as a sign, it’s “oh, he’s drinking, shit is not good.”

You’re a pescatarian. Why?
There’s an element of major cruelty to it and I don’t want to participate, mostly, though, it’s because of health concerns. No thank you. I’ll pass. I find, quite frankly, I feel better with a largely fish- and vegetable-based diet. I’m 41 and people tell me all the time that I don’t look it.

Now for a serious question: How do you view your role as a comedian in society?
I’d rather make trouble than make peace as far as my comedy goes. And not trouble in the happy way. Real trouble is when you go after people’s worldview, and you can’t mince words — but the main goal is to be funny. You have to deal with huge topics in a really silly way. It has to be politics, sex and religion at the core.

The court jester used to have a very important role — he was there to entertain the king — because if the king got pissed at anyone in particular, he would execute them at will, and oftentimes those were the most useful people. That’s pretty much it. The only difference is in our society, the crowd is king and perceives itself as such. We’ve become a democracy of kings. Everyone sits on their thrones and flips the channels saying, “Off with his head, off with his head.”

The main thing is that you’re funny, and after that, all bets are off. Other than that I, I have no opinion. (Laughs.)

So you avoid making the “easy” jokes?
In the end, you end up saying something worth hearing instead of making fun of ethnic groups, making fun of gay people, making fun of women and leaving the stage no better than when they stepped on it.

You’re everywhere. You’ve appeared on eight “I Love the (enter decade here)” shows, had cameos in “Spider-Man II” and “Dude Where’s My Car,” hosted E!’s “Talk Soup” and appeared on several reality shows. What do you hope the public thinks about that?
I hope they think, “This man has got me surrounded.” Literally, come out with your hands up — I am at every window of your television set. I don’t mind whether they like me or not as long as they think I’m a smart son of a bitch. That’s a healthy place to be. I was raised by my dad to be a wise-ass. Better to be a wise-ass than a dumb ass.

How do you think those VH1 list shows (and you) will be remembered?
Pure pop-culture dissection is a healthy thing. Insofar as the American culture goes, we make up with width in what we lack in depth. We don’t have Mozart, but we have loooots of R & B singers. We don’t have baroque singers, but we do have the top country artists worldwide. In a very short time, we’ve had an incredible impact on the world’s culture.

We get embarrassed by it because we picture people wearing Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake T-shirts in Iran, and I think we’re ashamed and we don’t need to be. We have a lot to be ashamed of on the world stage, and that ain’t it.

Why’d you do so many of those VH1 shows?
To be completely mercenary about the whole thing, I had people pointing at me and saying “‘Talk Soup’ guy.” And when I was on “Queer as Folk,” there was a lot of “Mikey!” so I sought to reconcile that and take any show that would print my name under my face. I’m of the belief that most typecasting when it occurs is your fault as an actor, because you took the role instead of you saying no when you should have.

Tell us something we don’t know about those shows.
You shoot from a room by yourself. It’s just green screen behind you. There’s nothing else. No one’s waiting just off camera waiting for their turn, we’re not sitting around a table shooting the shit. I look like I’m just dicking around with friends, and that’s my intention, and that brings a bit of joy to the show itself. That’s the way standup has to work, it can’t look like effort.

Speaking of, do you ever get nervous to go on stage?
It’s sort of a Zen practice. Whatever work you do, if you do it long enough, it should be effortless. Pro-athletes should get to the point where game day is their zone. I’ve been doing standup for 26 years now, there’s a certain point where if I can’t come up with a joke if you ask me something, it should be fairly sad. I guess I just kind of relax into it and really try to make a game out of it, make it fun, otherwise it’ll come across as work. And you can see that’s really hard for me.

“Queer as Folk” sort-of put you in the role of gay civil rights leader or activist. Do you see yourself in that way?
I think that’s someplace I found myself accidentally because of the show. The important thing was to seize it and service that experience and to be up to the task. Once you’re in that position, then you have a responsibility to work to make it more positive. In my way of thinking, it can’t not have an impact on the community; how can I best turn this into a positive?

I’ve always said that the benefit of “Queer as Folk” would not be seen until four years after the show went off the air, and that’s true almost to the date. Our civil rights struggle is one of age and death. It did exactly what it needed to, and going in, I knew it would. That was the best part of it, was knowing you’re making history. I wasn’t necessarily necessary keen on kissing a man or simulating sex with a man, but it was too important to pass up. Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

I’ve done every AIDs walk in the country. I’ve raised money and done shows for multiple equality organizations. Because I can. There’s worth in it. Continuously, I still get asked if I’m gay or straight. What they’re really asking, “Are you gay yet?” Which either means that I’ve been lying about who I am or I haven’t figured it out yet. It’s important to me to let people know who I am fully. It’s important to have straight allies who are turgid in their sexuality.

You’re in a rock band called Zero 1. What are you guys like?
Oh, we’re awesome. (Laughs.) It’s metal. Melodic metal, along the road of Skid Row and Ozzy meets Alice In Chains. I like elements of complexity in my music, while still keeping it gutteral and fun.

What’s next for Zero 1?
World domination. I want to make honest music that I really love and that the fans can really get into. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to write hit songs and play large places. I like arena rock. I like a lot of people smiling and having a good time.

You’ve given CPR to three people in your life: once at a public pool when you were 15, once about 12 years ago and again this last May when a man had a heart attack at LAX. Why does this stuff keep happening around you?
I was a Boy Scout, so I don’t run from those circumstances. My mom’s a nurse. I tend to live in high-stress environments because of the way I live. So maybe that’s why?

You’re in a small, but memorable bit part in “Spider-Man II.” Why’d you take that part?
A fan e-mailed me that on one of the spoiler websites, they were looking for a comedian to do an improv scene with Spider-Man. A, it’s in “Spider-Man,” B, it’s going to be a blockbuster and it’s an improv scene. I went in and heard all the comedians before me. It was some of the worst improv I had ever heard in my life, and it really made me angry. Everybody who went in there went “Spider-Man in an elevator, what?” “Why are you in an elevator, Spider-Man?” I thought, oh my god, I’m going to kill someone.

That was really fun. It was the only time Toby was in a suit the whole time. He improvised with me. He’s a really good guy and Sam Raimi said it turned out to be his favorite scene in the film.

Hal Sparks plays six shows Jan. 12-15 at Crackers Downtown, 247 S. Meridian St. Tickets are $10-$20; visit www.shop.crackerscomedy.com, or call (317) 255-4211.

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New Year’s Resolutions

Crackers Comedy Club can help you out with YOUR New Year’s Resolutions!

1.) We’re resolving to improve your health:
Laughter is the best medicine, you know.  Don’t take our word for it, take theirs!

So how about resolving to see a show at Crackers Comedy Club once a month?!  We’ll help you with this by offering more give-aways and contests!

2.) Resolving to help you spend money locally:

For every dollar spent locally, 45-cents goes back into YOUR community!  On the other hand for every dollar spent in a big box store only 14 cents goes back into the local economy.
-Civic Economics 2008

We’re locally owned & operated, and visiting either of our locations gets you a gold star for supporting local business!

3.) Resolving to help your social life!
We’re planning some great Crackers packages this year for couples AND singles! We’re starting a Lonely Hearts Club to encourage singles to come out to a show without having to worry about awkward seating situations or weird stares from surrounding couples! We’re working to make some Guys Night Out packages and Girls Night Out packages. Plus, we haven’t forgotten about date night! We’re better than dinner & a movie!
Whether you’re resolving to get healthier, meet that special someone, or save money, we’re here for you!

Check out our upcoming comics at www.crackerscomedy.com and make a reservation now!

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