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Crackers Broad Ripple Presents Bob Zany

We are very excited to have Bob Zany kicking it with us this week, September 25 – September 28, at our Broad Ripple location with feature act, Zan Aufderheide.

Bob is wry, sarcastic, insulting, lovable, and well… zany. He has been a regular guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and performs more than three hundred nights a year in the best clubs in the country. As if this weren’t enough, his Zany Report is also featured on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show.

“He simply reaches into a bottomless grab bag of jokes. It’s like watching Magic Johnson lead a fast break–so smooth and effortless that it would be easy to overlook just how much talent and skill is behind the process… He’s also a naturally funny guy, a distinction at a time when stand-up is cluttered with people who aren’t.” – The Los Angeles Times

“Zany has so mastered his craft that it’s become invisible …his improvisational style harks back to Robin Williams. But when art is highly evolved nobody looks like a clone of anybody else, and Zany is nothing but an original.” – Dramalogue

“We at the Weekly do believe that it is Zany’s turn… Bob Zany as big as Tim Allen, Roseanne and Jerry Seinfeld? In our minds, he already is.” – Pasadena Weekly

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Fix the Joke!

We’re welcoming the awesome and effervescent Bob Zany to our Crackers Comedy Club stage in Broad Ripple January 19-22!  You’ll readily recognize him from the Bob & Tom Show, and maybe you saw him in a little film called The Informant!

Zany has an awesome game he likes to call Fix the Joke (click the link to see some examples!) and we’re bringing it to you here on our blog.  Test your skills of humor & wit and see what you can come up with for these jokes below.

1. Pick one of the three jokes below to FIX; make it your own – make it FUNNIER!

2. Submit your fix below and you must include:

  1. Your name
  2. Your Phone number
  3. Your email address
  4. The OLD joke
  5. YOUR new, funnier, fixed joke!

3.  Bob Zany himself will pick the BEST re-worked joke, and that entrant will win TWO PAIRS OF TICKETS to see him Friday night!

We have prizes for some runners up as well, so give it your best shot!


  • Barack Obama introduced Senator Joe Biden as his running mate via text message to his supporters. Not to be outdone, John McCain will announce his VP pick later this week via telegraph and carrier pigeon.
  • Rosie O’Donnell says she’s planning to co-star in a sitcom with Fran Drescher. Possible titles for the show include, “The Annoying Couple,” “Make Room for Fatty,” and “Father Knows Best.”
  • Tampa Bay, Florida:  An adult film actress has organized the first ever Porn Camp, where amateurs go to learn their craft. The camp’s slogan is, “We’ll make you s’mores and whores.”
  • Dateline–Denver, Colorado John Denver’s classic song, “Rocky Mountain High,” has been chosen as the state’s second official song, beating out Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine,” by two votes.

*jokes taken from www.bobzany.com*

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