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Crackers Comedy Presents Angel Burlesque’s “Nerdgasm III”

On Tuesday, July 30 at 8:30pm, we’re excited to have Angel Burlesque back in Broad Ripple performing Nerdgasm III with 22 performers.

Nerdgasm is one of Angel Burlesque’s most popular shows. Now in its third incarnation, this Tuesday’s Open Bra (Like an Open Mic but with Burlesque!) celebrates all things Nerdy! Performers from different troupes and even out of state are coming together to showcase their talents with the classic art of a striptease…with a geeky twist. Characters from favorite movies, television shows, books, comic books and video games are all brought to life. Past Nerdgasm routines like Katie Angel’s Klingon and Desda Mae Q Moana’s Firefly have appeared at national burlesque festivals.

Angel Burlesque has been voted Indy’s Best Burlesque Troupe for the second year running. Known for their clever and entertaining shows, Angel Burlesque’s audiences have been known to laugh so hard they snort beer out their nose.

Tickets are $8 each (online tickets have a $2.50 convenience charge.) It’s going to be a blast as we watch ladies & gentleman from all walks of life go from ordinary to extraordinary in this full length production. See you on the 30th!

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Angel Burlesque Gets Lucky, A Comedy/Burlesque Double Feature with Special Guest from Los Angeles, Lucky DeLuxe

Angel Burlesque has teamed up with the amazing Lucky DeLuxe to bring Indianapolis a rare and hilarious Thanksgiving double-feature. The Angels will kick it off with their Tease-giving Pageant, sending up a tribute to all things Thanksgiving: food, family, festivities, complicated and troubling historical relationships with indigenous populations, and more food! Then, Lucky DeLuxe will present her award-winning one-woman show, Getting Lucky: A Stand-Up Show From A Lay-Down Lady. “Getting Lucky” is a gut-busting cocktail of standup comedy, storytelling, audience participation games and burlesque stripteasery, all shaken together and served up sweet by America’s Premiere Burlesque Comedian.

Show Information:

Crackers in Broad Ripple

Wednesday, November 14th, 8:30 Sneak View, $10, All proceeds benefit the Julian Center

Come see a sneak view of the weekend’s festivities including performances by Angel Burlesque, Lucky DeLuxe and more.

Thursday, November 15, 8:30. Tickets: $5 with college ID, $10-15

Friday, November 16, 8:00 and 10:30, Tickets: $15-20

Saturday, November 17, 8:00 and 10:30, Tickets: $15-20

Bring a canned food or item from the Julian Center’s wish list and receive $2 off your ticket.

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Erin Go Bra – less!

This St. Patrick’s Day, we’re welcoming you to Crackers, Mardis Gras Style!  Join us for a fun night of Burlesque!  Read on to learn how you can win FREE TIX to the show!

What is Angel Burlesque?

Angel Burlesque is Indianapolis’s only professional burlesque company. We present full length, theatrical style shows that showcase singing, dancing, comedy and the classic art of the striptease.

What will I see at Erin Go Bragh…less?

Erin Go Bragh…less is a full length (about 90 minutes), theatrical style show that features singing, dancing, comedy and striptease routines. The show’s theme is a St. Patrick’s Day parade…the best St. Patty’s Day Parade you’ll ever see!

What was burlesque?

Originally burlesque was referred to as the poor man’s theatre and featured comedians, chorus girls, musicians and the striptease artist. In contrast to the snooty theatre of the day, burlesque shows were light hearted, silly and with the daring (ankle and calf revealing) costumes of the chorus girls, sexy. The root of the word burlesque means “to make fun of.” Current events, theatre, and popular literature were all sources of material.

Who were some famous burlesque comedians?

Burlesque was a great training ground for comedians. Some you may have heard of include: Abbott and Costello, Jimmy Durante and Bert Lahr (a burlesque comedian long before he donned the mane of the Cowardly Lion).

Who were some famous burlesque striptease artists?

Gypsy Rose Lee (who’s life story was put onstage in the musical, Gypsy), Georgia Sothern, Lili St. Cyr, Ann Corio and Sally Rand; just to name a very few of the many gorgeous women of burlesque.

Check out some of these videos below, and head over to our Facebook page and enter our contest for tickets to see Thursday night’s show!  Enter your favorite burlesque-inspired photo for a chance to win!

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