Win A Date NIGHT June 7

Date Night

Howdy folks! Welcome to the second edition of “Win A Date” night brought to you by us, The Vogue Theatre, and Naked Tchopstix! For your chance to win this rockin package, all you have to do is let us know in the comment section of this blog, why you think YOU should win. The best story as voted on by the three of our businesses will win!

The June schedule is as follows:

Saturday June 7, 2014

Dinner at Naked Tchopstix – $50 value

Dave Landau at Crackers at 8pm – $30 value

The Old 97’s at The Vogue – directly after Crackers (PS, they were the band featured in the Vince Vaughn / Jennifer Aniston’s film “Break Up”) – $40 value

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, June 4th.

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11 thoughts on “Win A Date NIGHT June 7

  1. Elizabeth

    My fiancee has been working very hard at his two jobs to help us save up for a down payment on a home. I would love to surprise him with this very lovely date night to thank him for all his hard work and let him know he is appreciated! Thanks so much for the contest opportunity!

  2. Brandy Monday

    cause hubby & i rarely get night out, he works 60+ hours a week, we have 3 kids at home, our oldest just finished high school and will be graduating in a couple weeks, I think it would be nice to be able to celebrate how far him and I have come in 19 years and the fact that our children are growing up and we have done a great job with them so far. we have never experienced any of these locations and it would be awesome to be able to experience all three of these places together and make for a perfect night! Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Sarah

    Nothing too crazy here.

    My boyfriend & I are big comedy fans (and keep being burned by unluckiness--John Mulaney won’t answer my phone calls and Garfunkle & Oats had to do a day-of cancelation for a show we flew out to Seattle to see). We’re also big sushi fans (okay, really-- crab rangoon fans, what up.).

    Aaand, he just got a new job that has him working 7pm-7am every other weekend. So, we have to make the most of the ones we DO get together now.

    Would love to go! (He has the 7th free. Must be fate.)

  4. Marc

    Quite simply, due to my inherent awesomeness.! Remember that asteroid that was supposed to hit Earth? You don’t, because I flew out on my golden unicorn and deflected it.

    Remember that alien spaceship planning to enslave our planet? Nope, because I deflected that asteroid directly into its path!

    Reggie Miller’s 8 points in 9 seconds? I helped out a by manipulating gravity on those shots.

  5. Samantha

    Well my fiance and I are both gingers and since we are apparently going extinct I think it is only fair that we get a date night out! LOL!

    Ok, for real though, We just had a baby girl 3 months ago and lets be honest we have barely had time to see each other outside of working and late night feedings. The last date we had was 3 weeks ago at 3 am when we both woke up for the baby crying. lol!

    Would just be nice to have a night out :-)

  6. Jordan

    Because all of my friends tell me I need to settle down and find a good woman. If I took one on a “traditional date”, maybe I could remedy that. Plus I am a loyal customer of these establishments.

  7. Bryan

    I really think this would be nice for me and my future wife. I’ve been so busy working I wasn’t able to celebrate Valentines Day, Mothers Day, or her Birthday with her. We have four kids together ranging from 8 months to 6 yrs ol. I would love to surprise her with something special like this so she knows I still care and appreciate her.

  8. michael ramsey

    I am a recently single father and would like to impress a new girl with this awesome date night package! You guys rock

  9. Stephanie Norton

    My hubby and I would love to take advantage of this fun date night! it is not very often at all that him and I get out together! Having 2 little ones, working full time, and juggling our time with life takes a toll on our time together. We both love to laugh, have a nice quite dinner minus two little ones, and rock out at as much as we can!


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