Win A Date Night w/ Naked Tchopstix, Crackers Comedy, and The Vogue

Date Night

We get it. You want to go out. You NEED to go out. You just DON’T go out because, well, life is hectic and bills still need to get paid. That being said, we’ve teamed up with our Broad Ripple neighbors, Naked Tchopstix and The Vogue Theatre to bring you a date night on all three of us! The first one will be Friday May 2nd. All you have to do is let us know in the comment section of this blog, why you think YOU should win. The best story as voted on by the three of our businesses will win!

The schedule:

Friday May 5th

Dinner at Naked Tchopstix – $50 value

Rory Albanese at Crackers at 8pm – $30 value (Nine Primetime Emmy Winner)

Too White Crew at The Vogue (comedy rap act) – $7 value

We’re doing this monthly! Hope to see you out. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 30.

Share with your friends. Can’t wait to here your stories!


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31 thoughts on “Win A Date Night w/ Naked Tchopstix, Crackers Comedy, and The Vogue

  1. Marc Roden

    My fiance has been working hard all year at getting her degree and could really use some relief at the end of the semester.

  2. Brad miller

    I am on a fixed income I am a veteran of operation Iraqi freedom and have been on disability for things I fight every day I try my best to help other vets and love people being on a fix income it’s hard to get out that’s why I would be honored to win this date night

  3. Campbell

    I know me and my lady would LOVE this! after both being unemployed for almost 5 month and now working opposite schedules it’s been a big hassle to actually go on a real date.

  4. Heather Parke

    I think I should win because 5 and a half years ago the love of my life and I met at the Vogue while I was there celebrating my 21st birthday. It took a while for us to end up in a relationship, but had it not been for us reconnecting at The Vogue we wouldn’t be where we are now. We still frequent The Vogue regularly! We also enjoy a good laugh and sushi too :-)

  5. Amber

    There is a gentleman whom I really, really, REALLY care for, and I believe that he feels the same for me. We’re both very shy and reserved and, I think, a little afraid to share our feelings. We spend time together “on accident”, but nothing official. This would be a great way for us to connect and maybe, just maybe, make some private things -- public.

  6. Barbara French

    My boyfriend just got out of the Marine Corps in October after serving 5 years active duty. We just had our first child; three weeks ago. Things have been quite hectic, with a newborn baby girl we don’t get anytime for just the two of us. Not only would this be a great opportunity for us to have a night out just the two of us, it would also be a great birthday present! My birthday is May 5th and a early celebration would be lovely!

  7. chasity

    I am single mom of 3 kids and dont get out much. I really would love to take a special friend to this. I am currently going through a divorce and he has been there every step of the way for me. He works out of town so much we hardly get to see each other. This would be a great chance for us to just get away and catch up!! This would mean the world to me!!!

  8. Georgia Bartley

    My husband and I been marry for almost 3 years. We have four kids and this past year he lost his job and we been behind every snice. We haven’t been out over a year. Which is hurt our relationship snice we don’t have one on one time snice our kids and bills come first. .

  9. Jolee Korreckt

    We should win cause our anniversary is May 14, it will be 9 years, and with all the ups and downs of life why not get to laugh at it! He is a amazing man and he does a lot for our family and he deserves to win! Plus this girl would love ya forever

  10. Elizabeth Vorhees

    There’s nothing better in life then laughter. At the age of 40 & 41, myself & my husband are both on disability & still raising our third child, a 13 yr old girl. Teenage girls want/need so much today, we don’t even get a chance to go fishing. I’m not complaining, but on a very limited budget, we do NOTHING! We’re truly blessed with what we have & the people we have in our lives. Because of anxiety/depression issues, I like to surround myself with laughter as much as possible…This would be my “spoon full of sugar” to help my medicine go down :-) Thank you for your time

  11. Rachel

    My boyfriend and I both work long hours in our jobs and live about half an hour away from each other, making date nights a little harder to schedule. I’m a full time middle school teacher, and he’s in the Air Force and often has to be away for long periods of time for training. Currently he’s spending the month of April in Texas. At least we have Skype for our blossoming romance, right? It would mean the world to us to be able to have a romantic and fun evening together. He means so much to me, and I would love to be able to surprise him with something like this.

  12. Elizabeth Bolden

    My husband and I had our 1st date at Crackers 12 years ago in May. What a great way to celebrate our union! He recently went back to school and I am working over time. It would be nice to have a night out without the kids! Thanks for letting me share!!

  13. Jen Faurote

    I’m just a girl in love who would love to surprise her boyfriend before he leaves for the Army again. He takes care of me….so I I would like to take car of him for a change.

  14. Cindy

    Date nights are few and far between for me & my husband of 21 years! We have 3 kids, 6 year old boy/girl twins & our oldest son just turned 9. We are both busy, busy with work, school activities & kids sports schedules so a date night would be exactly what we could use to re-energize!!

  15. Stef

    So…I’m a SAHM- My husband works his butt off. We’ve pretty much only been able to go out once in the two years since our daughter was born. She was a preemie, so tiny, tubes everywhere.,. I was high risk..not so tiny…tube everywhere…blah b lah ,sniffle..Anyway, I’m finally comfortable being able to leave my daughter with other family while my husband and I reconnect! It’s so very necessary. While our daughter is everything_ we…HE, deserves some time out! Fun Fact: the first and only other real time we went out was for a B day get together at Crackers!

  16. Jason Haines

    You shouldn’t give this to me. I will use a fork at naked chopstix, I will heckle the comedians at crackers and I will dance badly at the vogue. You should give this to the jobless people who deserve a night out or the happy couples whose love was kindled at one of the fine aforementiontioned establishments. You shouldn’t give this to a working slob father of three like myself whose last night out with his fair lady was during Obama’s first term. Don’t do it. I can’t get a babysitter anyway. Seriously, don’t.

  17. Heather

    My husband and I love comedy. Also, we live with two pugs and they are the WORST possible roommates you can imagine. Help us get away from the furry, snorting a******s for an evening!

  18. Jim

    I should win this great prize because I’m awesome. People like me. Many dogs like me. Small children tend to not fear me. I dress well and smell terrific.

    My wife and I will more than meet your 2 drink minimum and I’m all for any restaurant that has ‘Naked’ in its name. The Vogue to top it off? Time to find my white tuxedo shoes.

  19. brooke

    My birthday is actually on may 2nd!! So its perfect!!! Im the only one workin in my household so money is def tight.. I would be so nice to get to go out on my birthday anf me not have to pay the bill..

  20. Kate

    My boyfriend and I live over an hour apart. I have a job and am trying to make it on my own. He is working on having a good job but lives with his parents. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of alone time to ourselves with his family always around and we’re both on a very tight budget. We don’t get to go out very often because of this. But we’d love to try new places! And seeing as we’ve only been to Crackers before, this would be a great opportunity for us! I know we’re not married (can’t afford a wedding) or have kids like other people posting, but it would be such relief to get away from our stresses for just one night!

  21. Jim

    I would really like to win this for me and my girlfriend. I’ve been in the military for 32 years and after several deployments and many nights away from home I need a break and so does my girlfriend, because military families sacrifice a lot more than we do. Everyone always tells those of us in the military “thank you”, but forget to say it to our family members who give up a lot or go through a lot by being part of a military family. I would not have lasted in the military for 32 years without the support of my family. I would love to win this and tell my girlfriend “thanks” for all she does for me, which makes me a better military member.

  22. nathan

    Going to Crackers is the only way my ex wife will let me take her out, don’t tell her its a date night. We are the not a couple that can’t get there on time. The last few times we made it The Vogue had concerts, “not a date” over. My money tree didnt grow. This would be a great excuse for another non date and we would be able to get back in The Vogue, best club unless you don’t have concert tix. I don’t even know what Naked Chopsticks is, but it sounds like a fun place to start a non date.
    P.s. she knows i pretend its a date. Thanks we will see you there, how could you not pick me, everyone could use free stuff or figure out how to save( dinner included I’ll just wait to eat), but how many need an excuse to take their ex wife out. I could said ex but just in case I figured ex wife cuts the odds in half.

  23. Katey Boller

    My husband has been out of work for 2 years and is now going to school. He works so hard to study that we rarely have time to see each other. He makes sure I have dinner almost every night when I get home whether he has class or not, it would be nice to treat him for his straight A’s and his hard work!

  24. Sarah

    My love works daily with children with behavioral and mental health disorders as his primary employment. He also works as a mentor to young men who have no male role model in their life. He is extremely dedicated and supportive to these hese children and works constantly to help them meet their goals. He never takes time off and has a difficult time getting the self care he needs and deserves. Crackers has constantly been a place where he is able to recharge and enjoy a night of laughter. I would love to give him a night like this.

  25. Richard Trisdale

    My in-laws had a house fire back on Halloween. Since then, they and their family have had an extended stay with us. They have a few medical needs children that my wife helps them with and since they’ve been living with us, she has seemed to work non-stop with them. Not only that, but we have 6 children ourselves with the youngest 2 and the oldest 17. My wife and I could really use a break more so than usual and this would be a great opportunity to get her out of the house.

  26. Kelly McCurdy

    I have two kids graduating high school and going to college in the fall, my husband is just recovered from a crushed ankle, and I work full time trying to find a cure for cancer. My free time is spent donating time, money, and blood. I have very little left for myself and live paycheck to paycheck. With everything I do for everyone else, I’d love to have a night for me!

  27. Ryan Negron

    #crackersComdeyClub ….love the atmosphere and vibes………. great memories are made here….worth a lifetim……and oh my want bring some tynenol with u …cause ur GONNA laugh till ur cheeks and ur tummy hurts …..GREAT TIMES….. .

  28. Angela Stull

    I would love to win a date night for my hubby and I. A night of laughter and sushi and a few cocktails would be such a wonderful evening retreat from the world of Autism. Raising 3 children, one with Autism and the other 2 with some special needs, is such a rewarding job…yet it’s beyond exhaustive and leaves our family with a tight budget. We keep a running “Date Night” jar that we both put all of our change into with hopes of at least 1 date night a month…but the last few months the money has been needed to help pay for our sons therapies. We feel to guilty taking any money from the family budget for a night out, fearful of not being able to provide a therapy or experience for our children later as a result. My hubby gives his all to provide for us and enable me to be a full time mommy so that one of us are always available for our kids needs…He is so selfless that when his old cell phone recently died, he used his upgrade to spoil me with a new phone and took over my old phone. He never complains, he refuses to spend money on himself when he really needs and deserves to, goes to work when he’s so sick that he can barely function. I would love to be able to get away for the night with him and know that he is fully enjoying himself and not sitting there stressing the whole time about how much money is being spent and how many hours of speech therapy said bill equates to.

  29. Jeff Denbo

    Hey I would love to take my wife out on a date like this. Its so she could have one night of fun.She never takes her own time. The reason is she is a full time caregiver for her mother since 2002 from a stroke our son with autism and who ever else needs her. Glenda never ask anybody for help she keeps on giving so I would like to give back to her They say laughter is the best way to relax and I think she would be up for that.Thanks


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