Remember that time…

Paul Mecurio: Life After Santa

Yes, we know that one awful, horrible Christmas/Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa has been haunting you.  It’s time to vent.  And instead of paying US for this therapy session, we’ll pay YOU – in the form of free tickets to see Paul Mecurio this week at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple!

Just tell us/show us your worst Xmas/Holiday ever!  Got a video? Great!  Snapped a pic?  Excellent!  Just want to tell us the story?  OK.  Just post here below, and make sure to include your:
1. Name
2. Phone #
3. email address
4. Story/Picture/Video of the worst Holiday you’ve had!

Paul himself will revel in laughing at you, but then he’ll pick the winner(s)!

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One thought on “Remember that time…

  1. Simon Wells

    When I was a kid my stepdad worked late on Christmas Eve and would not wake up for Christmas Dinner… My Mum was pissed and we went ahead and had Christmas Dinner by ourselves, obviously the atmosphere was terrible and no one was having any fun… Eventually my Stepdad roused himself from bed and came down to the kitchen cursing that we didn’t wake him up… Anyway, his dinner was on a plate in the oven, a Gas oven, He turns on the gas and THEN decides to look for something to light it with (this was in the days before pilot swithces and you had to put a match in a little hole to get the oven going)…

    So long story short, a huge jet of flame comes out of the oven singeing all of the hair on his head, which he thinks is on fire so he dunks his head in the kitchen sink that is full of greasy pots and pans…

    So all in all a pretty bad christmas, only alleviated by watching a grown man torch his head.


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