Dan Cummins: Broad Ripple Sept. 29 – Oct. 2

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I had the pleasure of catching up and chatting with Broad Ripple’s headlining comic Dan Cummins (September 29 – October 2).  If you’re not already familiar with his ire-hilarity, you’ll surely recognize him from his Comedy Central special Crazy with a Capital F, which re-aired this past Friday night.   You can check out clips from this special and more here:

Dan’s no slouch.  He’s one of those comics that’s constantly creating, and he’s multi-talented;  just check out his camera-ops work AND his newsanchor skills in Fresh”> off the Pot!

On top of writing and testing hours of new material each week, a busy tour schedule, and crafting genius short stories for a book, Dan’s also hard at work pitching show ideas to the network big-wigs at the History Channel, Spike TV, and more!

With all this teasing, I’m sure your ready to see Dan this week, right?  Well we’re giving you a chance to win a set of 4 tickets to any show you choose!  Just pitch us one of your greatest ideas ever! That’s right, tell us YOUR idea for an incredibly poignant/funny/obtuse/or not-really-relevant TV show!  Reply in the comment section below.  Dan himself will pick the winner, so be sure to include an email so we can get in touch with you!






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3 thoughts on “Dan Cummins: Broad Ripple Sept. 29 – Oct. 2

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  2. Donna "BreadLady" Johnson

    How about a reality show based in a small hick town where a “diva” chicago type woman opens a restaurant. She is multi faceted and has drama out the wazoo! From a prior business partners lawsuit, to a mixed up home life, to all the gays that flock to her door, and servers with quirky personalities! Horny dishwashers and a mailman that breaks things when he drops off the mail! Financial woes, personal tragedy, and a desire to be a true DIVA and sing in a jazz trio. Always opinionated, flirty, fashionable and pushing the accepted norms in a small town. There’s your pitch!


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