my first blog

I am just trying this out. We want to connect you the comedy fan with the green room. We want you to have access to the comedians and be able to ask your guestions. What do you think? Be the first to ask a question. Click here to view our upcoming comedians. You can also ask me Ruth-Anne any of the behind the scene questions that go into booking the comics. Type away we are waiting for your questions.


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6 thoughts on “my first blog

  1. Crackers Green Room

    When Keith was on the tonight show he did this great bit about going bald that killed. He talks about the shape of the hair left on his head representing the outline of different states.

  2. Jamie Utley

    Hi Ruth-Anne!

    Here's my behind the scene question.  Have you ever booked a comic that did a great job onstage but was such a jerk offstage that you never booked him/her again?

    Jamie Utley


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